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Navigating Bail Bond Paperwork: What You Need to Know
Navigating Bail Bond Paperwork: What You Need to Know

Bail bonds are a form of financial assurance provided by a bail bond company on behalf of a defendant to secure their temporary release from jail while awaiting trial. In Ohio, the bail bond process involves the defendant or their co-signer paying a percentage (typically ...

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Blog Posts in 2023

  • Bail Release and Court Updates: Staying Informed About Your Case

    Bail is a crucial component of the legal system allowing individuals accused of a crime to secure their release from custody while awaiting trial. It ...

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  • What Does It Mean to Be Released on Your Own Recognizance?

    Own recognizance (OR) release allows a defendant to be released from custody without paying bail, so long as they agree to appear in court at their ...

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  • Making Sense of the Bail Bond Process

    In Ohio, defendants have different options for getting out of jail after an arrest. The most common method for securing pre-trial release is posting a ...

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  • How Much Will Your Bail Be?

    Bail is an integral part of the criminal justice system. It allows those accused of crimes to remain free while awaiting their day in court and ...

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  • Will Having a Criminal Record Result in Bail Denial?

    A criminal record does not necessarily mean a judge will deny bail. However, a person’s past is one of the many factors the judge will consider when ...

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  • Do You Have to Pay Bail to Get Out of Jail?

    Bail is a system in place to ensure that defendants return for their court dates. Whether you will have to post bail to get out of jail will depend on ...

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  • You’ve Been Released on Bail. What’s Next?

    If you have been released on bail, you have several obligations that you must fulfill. These requirements include adhering to the conditions of bail ...

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  • Ensuring That Your Loved One Appears in Court

    Helping your loved one after their arrest might mean being a co-signer for a bail bond. As a co-signer, you take on certain responsibilities, such as ...

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