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Do You Need Assistance from a Bail Bond Company?
Do You Need Assistance from a Bail Bond Company?

If you have been arrested and bail is set, you might wonder whether you should contact a bail bond agency. These companies can help individuals post bail so they can be released from jail while they await their day in court. Whether you need one depends on several factors, ...

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Blog Posts in 2022

  • 7 Misconceptions About Bail Bonds

    Being arrested for a crime can be overwhelming. Just as stressful may be deciding whether to hire a bail bond company for help getting out of jail. ...

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  • Are Major Crimes in Ohio Bailable?

    Seven different offenses are classified as major crimes. They include murder, aggravated murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, theft, ...

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  • The Importance of Communication During the Bail Bond Process

    To seek release from jail after an arrest, you may have to communicate with various individuals, including friends/family, bail bond agents, and/or ...

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  • What’s the Role of a Bail Bond Agent?

    A bail bond agent posts bail on behalf of your loved one to secure their release from jail after an arrest. They have several responsibilities to ...

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  • What’s the Cost of Bail for a Drug Crime Charge?

    The amount it will cost to bail a loved one out of jail after a drug crime arrest depends on the situation. These offenses can be charged as ...

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  • What Is Meant by Least Restrictive Conditions of Bail?

    Someone charged with a criminal offense must go to court to answer for the crime and resolve the matter. If the defendant is being held in pretrial ...

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  • How Do You Get a Bail Bond?

    Bail is money you pay to get a loved one or yourself out of pretrial detention. Generally, the amounts are high to incentivize the return to court for ...

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  • Can You Get Sent Back to Jail While Out on Bail?

    If you have been released on bail, the judge will have set certain conditions you must follow. Failing to adhere to the bail terms or engaging in ...

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  • Can Bail Amounts Be Reduced?

    Bail is set to ensure that a criminal defendant returns for required court dates. A judge will consider many factors when determining the amount. ...

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