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What Happens To Bail Money If My Charges Are Dropped?
What Happens To Bail Money If My Charges Are Dropped?

If you’ve been charged with a crime and granted bail, you probably needed the help of a Colombus, Ohio, bail bondsman to post the amount required for your release. If you are judged not guilty or the charges against you are dropped, you might be wondering where the bail ...

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    COVID-19 Arrests and Bail Bonds: What Everyone Needs to Know In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the way that many things are performed has greatly ...

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  • How an Ohio Bail Bonds Team Can Help Following a Misdemeanor Arrest

    The most common of all criminal charges are misdemeanors. They are basic criminal legal matters that still result in arrest due to certain factors. ...

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  • What Does It Mean to Be Released on Bail?

    Being released on bail means that you're no longer held in police custody after being suspected of a crime. However, getting out of jail does not mean ...

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  • What Happens After an Arrest?

    For many people, the arrest process might be unfamiliar, as this may be their first brush with the law – whether they or their loved one has been ...

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  • What Is Excessive Bail?

    Bail is a method by which a defendant provides assurances to a court that they will appear when scheduled for hearings concerning their criminal ...

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  • What’s the Difference Between a Cash Bond and a Surety Bond?

    In a criminal matter involving you or your loved one, a judge might have set bail for your release from jail. When you post bail, you're telling the ...

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  • What If I Can't Make My Court Date?

    In a criminal matter, as a condition of your release from jail, you are required to attend all scheduled court hearings. If you miss a court date , ...

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  • Can I Just "Wait It Out" in Jail?

    During your criminal case, a judge may set bail, which is the amount of money you must give to the court to be released from jail while your matter is ...

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  • What Can Be Used as Bail Collateral?

    Being released from jail while the court processes for your trial are underway is imperative, as remaining in custody could impact your personal and ...

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