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Ohio Pre-Trial Diversion
Ohio Pre-Trial Diversion

Getting arrested for the first time in Ohio can be a scary, confusing, and frustrating experience. A conviction can result in spending a lengthy amount of time behind bars and a criminal record that can follow you for the rest of your life. You may be wondering what your ...

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Blog Posts in 2019

  • Shoplifting in Ohio

    One of the most common crimes in Ohio—especially during the holiday season—is shoplifting. This type of theft crime often involves stealing ...

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  • Why You Should Never Skip Out on Bail

    If you’ve been released on bail after being arrested, it may be tempting to skip your upcoming court hearing and attempt to flee the state or country ...

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  • Holiday Arrests: How to Get Your Loved One Out of Jail Quickly

    Arrests During The Holidays While we all expect the holiday season to be full of merriment and good cheer, it’s also the season for increased arrests. ...

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  • Should You Use Your Own Money or a Bail Bond?

    If a loved one has been arrested, you are probably wondering what your options for are making bail. Although you may have money saved or have a ...

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  • How are Bail Amounts Determined?

    Whether it’s a misdemeanor or a felony offense, judges must review all the evidence and facts about a case and the defendant to set a bail amount. ...

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  • The Do’s & Don’ts of the Bail Process

    If a loved one or a friend needs your help to secure a bail bond, you may be the type of person who would do so without hesitation. However, bailing ...

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  • What’s the Difference Between a Felony and a Misdemeanor?

    Even though felonies and misdemeanors are both classified as crimes, they have significant differences. When dealing with a felony, you'll probably ...

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  • Federal Bail Bonds vs. State Bail Bonds

    There is a difference between state and federal bail bonds. These types of bonds are for those who have been arrested for federal crimes, which often ...

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  • Why Did the Judge Deny Bail?

    Posting bail enables a person accused of a crime to be released from custody—with a promise to appear in all court hearings related to their case. ...

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