Posting Bail for Someone Who has Received a DUI

Posting Bail for Someone Who has Received a DUI

It is a frightening experience to learn that a family member or friend has been arrested for a DUI. With no experience and minimal information, you likely don't know where to begin. Speaking to a bail bondsman can help you learn your options and how to get your loved one out of jail sooner.

When Are Bail Bonds Necessary?

There are many circumstances surrounding a DUI arrest which require bail bonds. Because of an increased focus on DUI cases, a personal recognizance bond is unlikely. A surety bond (when a third party assumes responsibility for your court appearance in exchange for a fee) is most common. Reasons bail bonds are necessary for a DUI may include:

  • A prior DUI citation.
  • The occurrence of a driving accident.
  • A driver under the legal drinking age.
  • Minor passenger(s) inside the vehicle at the time of arrest.

Bail Bonds Process

If you are helping a friend or family member secure bond, you should be prepared with any information you can gather. If you have been arrested and would like to post bond from jail, it is possible if you have sufficient funds when you are arrested. You will likely be able to access your cash and credit cards for the purpose of bail payment. The process will be the same. The following information can help you be prepared.

  • Make sure you know where the person is in custody and their full legal name.
  • Learn the exact amount of bail.
  • Understand that if you sign any paperwork, you can be responsible if the person does not show up for court.
  • Ensure that your bondsman is licensed to make bonds in your jurisdiction.
  • Ask questions like how long the bondsman has been in service and conditions of posting bail.

When your bail bondsman arrives, you will have to give relevant personal information and sign paperwork regarding your agreement. Your bondsman knows the legal process regarding your release and will complete the process to get you out of jail quickly.

How Your Bail Bondsmen Can Help

A bail bondsman can help you understand the conditions of your DUI bonds and your options. If you can't afford to pay your bail in full, a licensed bail bondsman can help you get released for a percentage of the full cost.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a DUI, a bail bondsman can help speed up the process for your release. If you have questions or need assistance handling a DUI arrest, call Andy Callif Bail Bonds at (614) 945-4334 for a free consultation.


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