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Columbus Domestic Violence Bail Bondsman

Let Us Help You Get Out of Jail with a Bond for Domestic Violence

After being arrested for domestic violence, your friend or loved one is sitting in jail and your priority is to get them out of there as quickly as possible. However, you may not know exactly how to do this. Fortunately, at Andy Callif Bail Bonds, we are standing by to help. We know that people make mistakes and we also know that there are many sides to every story - but we aren't here to judge or question you. Our Columbus bail bondsman's goal is to help you get your friend or loved one out of jail as quickly as possible. We have the necessary experience to provide effective and fast bail bond services for domestic violence in Columbus.

Contact our Columbus domestic violence bail bondsman today at (614) 945-4334 to learn how we can help you with domestic violence bail.

How Domestic Violence Bail Bonds Work

Domestic violence is a complex area of criminal law (covered under ORC 2919.25) because of how many different types of actions can result in an arrest or charge. It can also be committed against a spouse, romantic partner, ex-spouse, roommate, family member, or someone with whom you share a child. Fortunately, we are capable of guiding you through the bail process, no matter the exact charge your friend has been arrested for.

A few examples of domestic violence charges include:

  • Domestic battery
  • Criminal threats
  • Harassment
  • Child abuse
  • Child endangerment

Call Our Columbus Domestic Violence Bail Bondsman

At Andy Callif Bail Bonds, our Columbus domestic violence bail bondsman firmly believes that your friend or loved one who has been arrested should not have to wait in jail for a long time, waiting for the next step in their case. We can work with you to establish what a bail bond will cost for your friend's case and guide them through the process to post bail. In the case that your friend has a warrant out for their arrest on domestic violence charges, we may be able to help them go through the bail process without going to jail. Whatever the case may be, our Columbus domestic violence bails bondsman is here to help. Read up on what former clients have said about their experiences with our service.

Reach out to us today at (614) 945-4334 to request our assistance with your domestic bail bond in Columbus.

Real Stories From Real Clients

  • “Andy is the only bondsman I would recommend when I need help getting out of jail”

    Mario L.

  • “The Best”

    Quantez W.

  • “Works hard to get a bond through by the 4pm deadline. No one wants another night in the gladiator pits of the workhouse.”

    Anon Y.

  • “Andy made the whole experience alot easier than I expected.”

    Jimmie J.

  • “Make sure you talk to JD she is the best and will always work with you to help get your people out from behind bars.”

    Miranda S.

  • “Andy Callif Bail Bonds was so very helpful with my dad bailing my brother (stupid brother) out of jail.”

    Shannon S.


    Keith D.

  • “Andy is amazing he made me feel comfortable and at ease knowing he would work with us to help get my brother out of jail.”

    Amber H.

  • “He’s a Godsend”

    Gary S.

  • “Andy was wonderful. He was right on it. Handled everything and was so personable. ”

    Deborah H.

  • “I don't know the first thing about the jail system or bonds and Andy and his staff walked me through the whole process with kid gloves. I was even short a few dollars and that wasn't an issue at all either.”

    Christopher W.

  • “If I ever need a bondsman again they will be my 1st phone call.”

    Elise L.

  • “I cannot even express how grateful I am to have been able to conduct business with this company.”

    Dee M.

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