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Securing Felony Bail Bonds Quickly in Ohio

Although other bondsmen may shy away from securing bonds for felonies, our experienced team knows how to handle them. If you or someone you love has been arrested for a felony and need a bond, we can help. The price of your bond is set after you have been arrested and varies based on the circumstances of the arrest. Felonies are the most serious of crimes, and when it comes to bail, you could be shelling out a hefty amount. For just a small percentage of the bond price set by the court, we can help your loved one be free until their next hearing. At Andy Callif Bail Bonds, Columbus felony bail bondsmen seen all types of felony charges and helped many clients post bail.

Are Felony Arrests Eligible for Bail in Ohio?

Someone who has been arrested for a felony may or may not be eligible for bail. Bail highly depends on the type of felony crime they have been arrested as well as being at the mercy of the judge. Since felony offenses are one of the most serious of crimes, the bail amount can be quite significant. When it comes to felony bail, it's critical to know how to approach the bail bonds process so you can get your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible. Here's how bail works with felony arrests.

To learn how our Columbus felony bail bondsman can help you or your loved one, call us at (614) 945-4334.

Types of Felonies Eligible for Bail

Understanding the way bail bonds work can be difficult, especially if you are expected to put up the full amount on your own. This is why working with a bail bondsman is important because we can get your relative or friend out of jail without you having to post the full amount. Felony charges can have a lasting impact and your friend should be free to focus on finding a lawyer and building their defense, not stuck in jail.

Felonies that fall under the category of violent crimes are typically not eligible for Bail. Violent felonies may include:

Other common types of felonies that could pose a hefty bail amount may include:

  • Drug possession/abuse
  • Theft - auto theft, burglary, larceny
  • Robbery
  • Domestic violence
  • Child abuse
  • Arson
  • DUI
  • Assault
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Liquor law violations (sale of alcohol to minors)
  • Public drunkenness
  • Fraud, forgery, counterfeiting
  • Vandalism

Can You Get Out On Bail for a Violent Crime in Ohio?

No matter what type of felony you commit, you are at the mercy of the judge on the amount set as well as if you will be granted bail. Even though your loved one is innocent until proven guilty, the judge may deny bail based on a defendant's criminal history to determine if they may be a risk of danger.

A bail bond may not be granted for the following felonies:

  • Rape
  • Murder
  • Certain types of drug offenses
  • Crimes that involve minor children
  • Use of possession of weapons

What's the Difference Between a Felony and A Misdemeanor

As explained above, felonies are the most serious of crimes, and in some cases, the defendant may not be granted bail. A misdemeanor is an offense that has lesser sentences, typically no more than one year in jail or punishable by fines. Some common misdemeanors are:

  • Assault or battery
  • Custody interference
  • DUI or public intoxication
  • Reckless behavior that causes harm or endangering the bodily safety of another person
  • Trespassing
  • Prostitution

Charges that involve more than one year in jail are typically classified as a felony. A misdemeanor can be punishable by fines, loss of driving privileges, or community service.

How Does a Judge Decide Bail in OH?

When a judge considers the bail amount for a felony charge, he or she will examine the following factors in the case:

  • The seriousness of the charge (misdemeanor or felony)
  • The defendant’s criminal history
  • The likelihood that the defendant is a flight risk
  • The likelihood that the defendant will interfere with witnesses - (bribery, threatening harm)

What to Do If You Can't Raise Bail

The bottom line is that bail for felony charges can be quite difficult for anyone to afford and attempting to raise Bail from friends and family members can be a daunting task. Not only can the process of raising bail to be time-consuming, but there's also no guarantee that you'll be able to get enough funds to get your loved one out of jail quickly. When you cannot afford bail, contact a bail bondsman for help. For just a small percentage of the bond price, a bail bondsman can get your loved one out of jail faster.

How a Bail Bondsman in Ohio Can Simplify the Process of Posting Bail for Felonies

A bail bondsman in Ohio can simplify the process of posting bail for felonies in the following ways:

  1. Expert knowledge and experience: Bail bondsmen in Ohio are familiar with the local legal system, including the specific rules and procedures related to posting bail for felony charges. They have expertise in navigating the paperwork and administrative requirements, ensuring a smoother and more efficient process.

  2. Faster release from custody: Bail bondsmen understand the importance of a timely release from custody. They have established relationships with local law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities, which can expedite the release process. By leveraging their connections and knowledge, bail bondsmen can help defendants secure their release more quickly than if they were navigating the process on their own.

  3. Simplified paperwork and procedures: Posting bail for felony charges involves completing various paperwork and fulfilling specific requirements. Bail bondsmen are well-versed in these procedures and can guide defendants through the necessary paperwork, ensuring that all documents are properly completed and submitted. This simplifies the process for defendants, saving them time and potential confusion.

  4. Support and guidance throughout the legal process: Bail bondsmen can provide support and guidance beyond the bail process itself. They often have experience and understanding of the legal system and can offer advice on navigating the subsequent steps, such as court appearances and other legal obligations. This assistance can help defendants and their families navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system more effectively.

Consult with our licensed and reputable bail bondsmen in Ohio to ensure a smooth and legal process of posting bail for felony charges. We can provide personalized guidance and support based on the specific circumstances of the case.

How a Bail Bondsman Can Speed Up the Release Process

An experienced Columbus felony bail bondsman knows how the court system works. When it comes to felony charges, you want someone on your side that knows how to navigate the court system in securing bail. Not only can a bail bondsman answer your questions and ease your fears, but you'll also have your loved one home faster than if you tried to raise bail money on your own.

When you want to help free your loved one from jail, Andy Callif Bail Bonds can help. Once we have posted bail for your friend or loved one, we can guide them through the process and ensure they know what to expect. Our Columbus felony bail bondsman can also ensure they understand their responsibilities to avoid having to pay significantly higher fines.

Let us help your loved one get back to their daily life. Call our Columbus felony bail bondsman today at (614) 945-4334 or contact us online to get your loved one out of jail until their trial.

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