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Do you or a loved one need to post bail to get out of jail? At Andy Callif Bail Bonds, our Circleville bail bondsman are available 24/7 to help you through the process. Since 1960, we have been assisting individuals return promptly to their lives after being arrested for a crime. Our knowledgeable bail bondsman serving Circleville, Ohio, can answer your questions. We will be in close communication with you throughout your case to update you on any changes that may affect your bail situation. We offer confidential service and treat each of our customers with the dignity and respect they deserve.

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How Do Bail Bonds Work?

After a person is arrested, they will attend a hearing, during which a judge will determine whether or not bail should be granted and in what amount. When deciding on this crucial matter, they will look at the current charges, the defendant's history, and the risk of them fleeing.

If the judge sets a bail amount, the defendant or their loved ones must pay it before being released from jail. Bail is less like a penalty and more like a type of insurance. As every person accused of a crime is guaranteed the right to face their accuser or witnesses, bail ensures that this right is upheld and the defendant returns for their scheduled court date.

In some cases, the amount of bail is high, and the defendant or their loved one may be unable to immediately pay it. In such situations, they can turn to a Circleville bail bond company, like Andy Callif Bail Bonds. For a percentage of the bail amount, the company posts a bond on the defendant’s behalf, allowing them to be released from jail until they are required to appear for their trial.

When bail is paid, the defendant is expected to attend all scheduled court appearances. After they have fulfilled their obligation and their case has concluded, the bail amount is returned. Unfortunately, if the defendant fails to appear, the court will keep the bail and the bail bond company is liable for the full amount.

What Is the Purpose of Bail?

Bail serves to ensure that the defendant appears for all scheduled court appearances pertaining to their trial. When the defendant pays bail (or has a bail bond agency post bond on their behalf), the court orders their release from jail. If the defendant appears at required hearings, their money is returned (or they do not owe the bail bond company the remaining 90% of their bail). However, if the defendant fails to show up, their money will be forfeit, meaning they won’t get it back.

Being out on bail also allows the defendant to have greater access to a defense attorney, as well as their friends and family members (unless restrictions prohibit contact with certain individuals). This access can have a profound impact on the defendant’s emotional well-being and their ability to prepare a defense for their case.

How Is Bail Set?

Generally, if an offense is bailable, a judge or magistrate will determine the bail amount.

They consider various factors when deciding how much to set, such as:

  • The severity of the offense: The more serious the charge and nature of the offense, the higher the bail amount.
  • The defendant’s criminal history: If the defendant has prior convictions, the judge will most likely set a high bail amount.
  • The defendant’s risk of fleeing: The judge might determine that the defendant is a flight risk, meaning that they won’t show up to court. In that case, they may set more for bail.
  • The risk the defendant poses to society: If the defendant might harm the alleged victim again or any other member of the community, the judge will set a higher bail.

In some cases, the bail amount may be more than the defendant has on hand. In such a situation, they could either wait in jail until their case concludes, or they can seek release by hiring a bail bond agency to post bond for them.

At Andy Callif Bail Bonds, we know that having a high bail amount may be outside of a person’s financial means. That is why we provide quality bail bond services in Circleville for only a 10% premium.

What Are the Conditions of Bail?

Conditions of bail are the terms a person must abide by after they are released from jail and their case is pending. The conditions imposed are at the judge’s discretion. Because every case is unique, not all defendants will face the same requirements.

That said, in general, conditions of bail include, but are not limited to:

  • Residence restrictions
  • Electronic monitoring
  • House arrest
  • No contact orders
  • Drug or alcohol treatment
  • Supervision by a designated organization

Violating the conditions of bail can result in revocation of bail as well as criminal sanctions.

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Backed by more than 22 years of bail bonds experience and results, we can deliver fast and experienced service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand that you may be facing a scary, uncertain situation. That is why we promise to respond promptly with compassion, honesty, and privacy. Rest assured that our business has been built on maintaining a high level of integrity for our clients in Circleville and throughout Pickaway and Ross counties.

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