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What Is the Purpose of Bail?

Bail serves several purposes. One is ensuring that the defendant returns to court after they are released from jail. It is a type of incentive to make sure that the defendant's right to a speedy and public trial is protected. When a person posts bail from their own pocket, after their case concludes, they will get their money back, provided that they appeared for all required hearings. If they went through a bail bonds agency for their release, while the premium they paid for the bond is not refundable, they are not responsible for paying any more than the small percentage they paid for the agency's services.

Another purpose of bail is to prevent a defendant from sitting behind bars while their case is pending. When a person is accused of a crime, they are presumed innocent. The burden rests on the State to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the alleged offense. Therefore, while awaiting trial, the defendant is not guilty. Yet, if bail was not an option, they would essentially be suffering a punishment (waiting in jail) even though, in the eyes of the law, they have engaged in no wrongdoing. In a way, bail keeps innocent people from suffering restrictions on their liberties.

Bail also helps defendants as they prepare defenses for the charges brought against them. When someone is held in custody, it can be difficult to gather the information a criminal defense attorney needs to build a case. That is not to say it is impossible, but finding and accessing documents, surveillance footage, private messages, and other relevant material can be more challenging when the person who knows exactly where they are and how to get them is sitting behind bars.

Bail can also protect personal and professional relationships. When a person is held in police custody, they can only see friends and family members during visiting hours. This limitation can affect the defendant's and their loved one's well-being. Additionally, the defendant will not be released from jail just because they have professional or education obligations, which means they might have to miss work or school because while their case is pending.

There are many benefits to bailing out of jail. Unfortunately, bail amounts can be high and beyond the financial means of the defendant or their loved ones. Fortunately, they can hire one of our Vinton County bail bonds agents at Andy Callif Bail Bonds for help securing release from custody.

If you or a loved one has been arrested, reach out to us today by calling (614) 945-4334 to discuss your Vinton County bail bond.

How Much Is Bail?

The amount of bail varies depending on several factors. In some cases, it may be determined by a bail schedule listing fixed amounts for certain offenses. In others, it will be set by a judge.

The judge will consider various factors when determining the bail amount, including, but not limited to:

  • The severity of the offense
  • The defendant's criminal past (if any)
  • The possibility of the defendant fleeing before trial
  • The evidence against the defendant
  • The defendant's community and familial ties
  • The defendant's professional obligations

Bail can be hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars or beyond. It is not always financially feasible to pay such high amounts. However, when a defendant or their loved ones turn to a Vinton County bail bonds agency, such as Andy Callif Bail Bonds, they need only pay a small portion of the bail amount to secure release from jail.

In Ohio, bail bonds agencies can assess no more than a 10% premium for their services. That means, for example, a $5,000 bail would only cost $500, and a $10,000 bail would only be $1,000, which is much easier on the wallet.

Are There Conditions of Bail?

Although posting bail allows a defendant to be released from custody pending trial, their freedom is not unlimited. The judge will place various restrictions and conditions on them. One of the main terms is the requirement to appear in court for the criminal case.

Other conditions of bail may also include, but are not limited to being:

  • Under a designated agency's supervision
  • Prohibited from traveling
  • Subject to electronic monitoring
  • Forbidden from communicating with the alleged victim
  • Ordered to complete a substance abuse treatment program

Violating the conditions of bail is serious. Such conduct can lead to several consequences, including revocation of bail, meaning the defendant is returned to jail for the duration of their case. Additionally, the defendant will not get their money back if they paid bail out of pocket or will be required to pay the full bail amount to the bail bonds agency.

At Andy Callif Bail Bonds, our bail bonds team in Vinton County will ensure that you and your loved one understand your obligations after bail is posted.

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