Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

You are probably scared and don’t know where to turn when a loved one has been arrested and needs Domestic Violence Bail Bonds in Las Vegas. Andy Callif Bail Bonds can help with Domestic Violence Bail Bonds. Our agents are ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help you and guide you through the difficult process of helping you to get a family member or friend released from jail with Domestic Violence Bail Bonds.

Domestic violence affects families from a wide variety of backgrounds. For many, they don’t have experience dealing with the criminal justice system or Domestic Violence Bail Bonds. We can make sure that every step is done correctly when securing Domestic Violence Bail Bonds.

Are you unsure about how domestic violence bail bonds work? Do you understand how restraining orders will affect you? Do you have questions about what measures need to be followed so that you don’t forfeit your domestic violence bail bonds?

History of Domestic Violence Laws

Before 1984 police could not legally arrest someone without a warrant unless a misdemeanor took place in the presence of an officer. Due to the fact that domestic violence cases usually involve simple assault and battery which is a misdemeanor, police were not permitted to make an arrest.

That all changed in 1984 when the U.S. Attorney General recommended arrest as the standard police response to domestic violence. This recommendation had its roots in a Minneapolis controlled study that looked at the effects of arresting the suspect, requiring the batterer to leave the home for eight hours, and mediation. The study clearly showed that arrest more effectively deterred future violence than other types of action. Now domestic bail bonds are needed when someone is arrested for domestic violence.

What is a Domestic Violence Bail Bond?

Domestic Violence Bail Bonds are needed in the event that you or a loved one is arrested for domestic violence. The judge sets the amount of bail that is required to be released from police custody. In this situation the suspect agrees to appear in court when he or she is requested to by a judge. Should you or a loved one fail to appear in court during the scheduled hearing, your Domestic Violence Bail Bonds will be forfeited!

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