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Expediting the Bail Process
Expediting the Bail Process

As soon as you enter police custody after an arrest, one of the first steps you must take is to post bail and get released before you must show up to trial. However, you must first appear in front of a judge, who will set your bail amount based on the details of your arrest, ...

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  • Which Charges are Not Associated with Bail?

    If you are accused of a criminal offense in Ohio, you have a right to bail . However, there are several exceptions. Even though you are innocent until ...

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  • How Much is a Bail Bond for a Felony Charge?

    Felonies are the most serious of crimes, and when it comes to bail, you could be shelling out a hefty amount. If you need to get your loved one out of ...

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  • Are Felony Arrests Eligible for Bail?

    Someone who has been arrested for a felony may or may not be eligible for bail. Bail highly depends on the type of felony crime they have been ...

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  • Federal Bail Bonds vs. State Bail Bonds

    There is a difference between state and federal bail bonds. These types of bonds are for those who have been arrested for federal crimes, which often ...

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  • How Do Bail Bonds Work With Felonies?

    When it comes to felonies and bail bonds, the bottom line is that you'll probably have to secure a hefty amount. Since felonies are the most serious ...

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  • 4 Factors Judges Consider When Deciding Bail

    If you or your loved one has been arrested for a crime, you need to understand how the amount of the bad is determined. Additionally, the judge ...

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  • Common Types of Felony Charges

    Felonies are the most severe types of crimes. When it comes to securing a bond for a felony arrest, the bail amount can be extremely hefty. While the ...

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  • What to Do If There’s a DUI Warrant Out for Your Arrest

    While you may have been released on bail after being arrested for a DUI, you are still required to appear in court for your charges. If you fail to ...

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  • Responsibilities of a Bail Bond Co-Signer

    If you are securing a bail bond for another individual through a bail company, you are considered the co-signer. When you become a co-signer, the ...

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