You’ve Been Released on Bail. What’s Next?

You’ve Been Released on Bail. What’s Next?

If you have been released on bail, you have several obligations that you must fulfill. These requirements include adhering to the conditions of bail and appearing in court when required. Failing to comply can lead to serious consequences, such as additional or harsher sanctions. In severe circumstances, noncompliance can lead to bail forfeiture and revocation, which means you would be responsible for paying the entire bail amount and may be returned to jail for the duration of your case.

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Following the Conditions of Bail

When the judge sets your bail amount, they will also determine pre-trial release conditions. The terms are ordered to ensure that public safety is protected and that you do not pose a danger to the alleged victim or anyone else while awaiting trial.

Various conditions may be set to meet public safety goals. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Travel restrictions,
  • House arrest,
  • No contact with the alleged victim or witnesses, and
  • Drug and alcohol treatment programs.

The exact conditions you may be subject to depend on your situation. The judge will consider the seriousness and nature of the offense, such as whether you allegedly used or displayed a weapon during the crime. They may also take into account the weight of the evidence against you, your family ties, character, and criminal history.

Regardless of the conditions the judge orders, you are obligated to comply with them. There are no exceptions. If any terms conflict with a personal obligation, such as a need to travel, you must get the court’s permission before you do it.

The consequences of noncompliance can be hefty. The judge might impose harsher conditions or additional restrictions.

Showing Up for Court

Being released on bail does not mean your criminal case has ended. It means that you are free from law enforcement custody as your case progresses.

Your case will progress through a series of court hearings. For instance, if you have been accused of a felony, you may be scheduled for a preliminary hearing. At the proceeding, the prosecutor presents their case to demonstrate that probable cause exists to believe that a crime has occurred and you were the one who committed it. You will be scheduled for an arraignment, where you are informed of the charge against you and your rights. You may also be called upon to make a plea.

Unless your case is settled through a plea bargain with the prosecutor, your case will be set for trial. Trial is where the prosecutor and you (or your defense attorney) present arguments before a judge or jury. After weighing the evidence, the judge or jury decides whether you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

No matter the path your case takes, any time a court date is set, and you are required to show up, you must appear. Getting yourself to court is one of the most important aspects of your case during pre-trial release. Your appearance ensures that your right to a fair trial is upheld, allowing you to hear the evidence against you and cross-examine witnesses.

Failing to appear in court is a serious offense and can result in various consequences. First, your bail may be forfeited. If you paid cash for pre-trial release, you wouldn’t get any of your money back. If you went through a bail bond company, you would owe the agency the remaining amount for your bail.

Second, your bail may be revoked. The court will issue a warrant for your arrest, and you will be returned to police custody. The judge could set a higher bail amount for release. However, it’s more likely that they will deny bail a second time. That means you will have to remain in jail for the duration of your trial.

How a Bail Bond Company Can Help

Being arrested and released on bail can be a confusing time. Even though you might have been informed of your pre-trial release obligations early in your case, you have a lot to process. You might overlook a key piece of information. When you turn to a bail bond agency for help with the process, you will work with an agent who can fully explain what’s required of you. They may also schedule regular check-ins with you to help ensure that you’re staying on track with the conditions and are aware of upcoming court dates.

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