Are Major Crimes in Ohio Bailable?

Are Major Crimes in Ohio Bailable?

Seven different offenses are classified as major crimes. They include murder, aggravated murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson. Although they are serious, an individual accused of any of them may still be granted bail and secure pre-trial release. A judge may determine at a hearing whether to deny bail. Their decision will be based on the evidence the prosecutor presents concerning the risk the defendant poses to others and the community. In major crime cases where bail is allowed, the cost to get out of jail while the matter is pending can be high. A defendant may need the help of a bail bond company to get released from custody.

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Types of Major Crime in Ohio

Severe offenses are separated into violent and property crimes. Violent crimes involve force or threatened use of force against another individual. In contrast, property crimes consist of the non-forcible taking of another’s money or property.

These two groups are further separated into several offenses, which include the following:

Violent Crimes

  • Murder: The offense occurs when someone purposely causes another person’s death or causes an individual’s death while committing a felony.
  • Aggravated murder: The crime is committed when a person causes another’s death after planning it; while committing rape, kidnapping, arson, robbery, or burglary; when the victim is under 13 years of age; when the victim is a law enforcement officer or first responder.
  • Rape: The offense involves engaging in sexual conduct with another when the actor used an intoxicating substance to prevent resistance, committed the act against a person under 13 years of age, knew that the victim was unable to resist because of mental or physical impairment or age, or used force or threat to complete the act.
  • Robbery: The offense consists of committing theft with a deadly weapon, causing physical harm, or using force.
  • Aggravated assault: The crime occurs when someone causes serious physical injury to another or physical harm using a deadly weapon.

Property Crimes

  • Burglary: The offense is defined as trespassing in a structure through force or stealth to commit a crime.
  • Theft: This crime is characterized as depriving a person of their property without consent or by deception, threat, or intimidation.
  • Motor vehicle theft: The offense is committed when someone takes another person’s car without consent.
  • Arson: The crime involves starting a fire or explosion that could substantially harm property without consent or with the purpose to defraud.

When a Serious Crime May Not Be Bailable

A person accused of a crime does not have the right to bail. As such, a court may decide to deny pre-trial release. The court will hold a hearing to determine whether bail should be denied for major crimes.

Major crimes include, but are not limited to, the following:

Depending on the outcome of the hearing, serious crimes, such as murder, aggravated murder, robbery, burglary, theft, and rape, may or may not be bailable. For the judge to deny bail, the prosecutor must prove by clear and convincing evidence the assumption is great that the defendant committed the alleged offense, poses a risk of physical harm to anyone, and that the safety of the community or any person will be in danger if the defendant is released.

Getting Out of Jail for a Bailable Crime

The judge might not deny bail for a major offense, but they might set a significantly high amount. In many cases, defendants do not have the funds to pay the costs for pre-trial release, meaning they must wait in jail while their case is pending.

However, defendants do have another option. They can reach out to a bail bond company for help getting out of jail. For a small premium, the agency will prepare and submit paperwork to the court to begin the release process. The defendant can be out of jail within a few hours.

Guidance Through the Bail Bond Process

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