What Does It Mean When Bail Is Exonerated?

What Does It Mean When Bail Is Exonerated?

When bail is exonerated, your financial obligation to the court is complete. This can be a huge relief for you and your loved one, as you no longer have to worry about bail being forfeited.

After your loved one is bailed out of jail, and while their case is pending, they must show up for all required court hearings. If they don’t, the court can revoke bail. That means the court will not return the money you paid (or you’ll owe a bail bonds company the balance of the bail amount). Your loved one may also be sent back to jail for the duration of their case.

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What It Means to No Longer Be Responsible for Bail

Posting bail allows your loved one to be released from jail while awaiting trial. The caveat is that they will have several conditions placed upon them. They must adhere to the conditions between the time they are let out and the time their case concludes.

One of the conditions of bail is making all required court appearances. In a criminal case, the accused may be scheduled for several different hearings. These can include an arraignment, pre-trial hearing, and the trial. Having the defendant involved in all stages of their case facilitates a fair justice process.

If your loved one does not show up to court as scheduled, they are not answering for the alleged offense, and they deny themselves their constitutional right to confront their accuser. Bail ensures that legal protections are upheld by incentivizing the accused to make court appearances.

After you pay bail money, the court holds onto it during the pendency of the case. If your loved one fails to appear in court, the court keeps the money. That could be thousands of dollars you don’t get back. If you went through an agency for help posting bail, you would be responsible for paying the full bail amount to the company instead of the 10% premium charged for its services.

Additionally, if your loved one fails to appear, the court could have them arrested and returned to jail. They may not be eligible to be bailed out a second time. They may also be subject to additional criminal charges, confinement, and fines.

Bail is exonerated at the end of the criminal case, provided that your loved one appeared in court as required. Thus, neither you nor your loved one has the threat of bail forfeiture looming over your heads. You are also no longer at risk of owing the remaining 90% of the bail amount to the bail bonds company.

The Case Disposition Does Not Matter

You might be wondering if the case's outcome affects whether bail is exonerated. It doesn’t.

Whether your loved one’s case is dismissed, they’re acquitted, or they’re found guilty, once the matter is over, the court will relieve you of your bail obligations.

Note that bail exoneration only applies to the bail amount. It does not have to do with the case itself. Thus, you might not have any more financial obligations to the court. However, if your loved one is found guilty, they could still be sentenced to incarceration, fines, and other sanctions.

Financial Obligations to the Bail Bond Company Still Owed

There is a difference between paying out of pocket and going through a bail bonds company. When you post bail with your own funds, the court returns the money you paid, minus any fees, after the case.

With a bail bonds company, you pay a portion of the bail amount for the agency’s services. Even when bail is exonerated, the premium is not returned. The company retains this as income earned for helping get your loved one released from jail.

When your loved one’s case ends and bail is exonerated, you may still have financial obligations to the bail bonds company. For instance, you may have set up a payment plan to satisfy the premium, or there may be applicable fees that must be paid.

Get Help with the Bail Bonds Process in Columbus

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