When Can You Post Bail in Ohio?

When Can You Post Bail in Ohio?

Following their arrest, your loved one may be held in jail while awaiting trial. However, they may be released by posting bail. Concerned about getting your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible, you may wonder when you can post bail. You would have to wait until the bail amount is set by a bail schedule or judge.

Although bail may be set for your loved one, you don't have to post it immediately. That means you have time to consider what path you take and learn more about your responsibilities after you get your loved one released. When you do decide to move forward, contact a bail bonds agency for help through the process.

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Waiting for Bail to Be Set

Bail is a financial condition of pre-trial release. It allows someone arrested for an alleged crime to be free from police custody while their case is pending.

Before you can post bail for your loved one and get them back home, you must wait for the bail amount to be set. When that happens depends on the situation.

In some cases, bail will be set by a bond schedule. A bond schedule is a list of pre-determined bail amounts for certain crimes. Generally, it is established only for misdemeanor and traffic offenses. The schedule allows for a more efficient process because individuals do not have to wait for a judge to consider the facts of their case before determining the bail amount. Soon after your loved one's arrest, you'll know how much it will cost to get them out of jail.

The other way bail may be set is by a judge at an initial appearance. Generally, the hearing is scheduled within 72 hours after the arrest. Thus, you may have to wait up to 3 days before you can post bail for your loved one.

The judge will determine the bail amount by considering:

  • Your loved one's risk of fleeing before trial,
  • The seriousness of the offense, and
  • Your loved one's criminal history (if any).

No Deadline for Posting Bail

After bail is set, you can post the amount at any time while your loved one is in pre-trial detention. Not having a time limit for posting bail can relieve you of the stress of rushing around to come up with enough funds or making a quick decision without fully considering all your options.

That said, waiting to post bail means your loved one must sit behind bars until the amount is posted. Remaining in police custody can have several negative effects on the individual's well-being. For instance, their relationships and job can be impacted because they are bound by visiting hours and cannot leave the facility until bail is posted. These limitations can also make it difficult for them to build their defense.

How to Get Help Posting Bail

If you're unable to post bail right away because you don't have the funds readily available or you are unsure of the requirements and procedures, you can turn to a bail bonds company for assistance. An agent can explain what's needed to secure a bail bond and what it means to be a co-signer. They can help you understand your loved one's obligations after their release and what can happen if they don't appear in court.

Additionally, a bail bonds agency can post bail on behalf of your loved one. You would be required to pay a nonrefundable 10% fee for their services, which can be more affordable than the amount set by the bond schedule or judge. And while the premium may be less than the full bail amount, it may still be beyond a person's financial means. The agent can discuss payment options to help make the costs more manageable.

After you agree to work with the bail bond company, the agent will gather and prepare the necessary paperwork and go to the court to post the bond. Your loved one can be released from the facility within a few hours.

Reach Out to Andy Callif Bail Bonds

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