Ask These Important Questions Before Hiring a Bail Bonds Agency

Ask These Important Questions Before Hiring a Bail Bonds Agency

Bail might be granted in your case, but the amount might be high. Therefore, even though you have the option to get released from jail while awaiting trial, you might not be able to pay the total amount out of pocket. Fortunately, you can turn to a bail bonds company to post bail on your behalf. Still, how do you know that the agency you hire is one you can trust and will protect your best interests?

Asking a few questions before hiring the bail bonds company can allow you to gauge the level of service and type of assistance you'll get throughout the process.

At Andy Callif Bail Bonds, we are committed to delivering the help the people of Columbus and the surrounding areas need. Contact us at (614) 945-4334. Keep reading to learn about questions to ask agencies you're considering for assistance with the bail bonds process.

Are You Licensed?

Although this might be an obvious question, it's an important one to ask. Bail bonds companies operating in this state are required to be licensed by the Ohio Department of Insurance and meet specific criteria. Be sure you know whether the agency you're considering is licensed and ask for their license number. Getting this information earlier can help you avoid complications later.

What Premium Do You Charge for a Bail Bond?

When you hire a bail bonds company, you won't pay the full amount your bail is set at. You'll pay only a fraction of what is owed.

In Ohio, bail bonds agencies can charge no more than 10% of the bail amount. So, a bond for a $5,000 bail should cost you around $500. If the bail bonds company charges more than the allowed premium, it is operating outside of the law; think twice before retaining its services.

You might also want to ask if the agency charges any additional fees that you might need to consider. You want to be sure that you can comfortably afford the cost of retaining their services.

What Are Your Payment Options?

You might be more comfortable making payments one way over another. Ask if the company accepts your preferred payment method.

Do I Need Collateral or a Co-Signer?

In some cases, you might need to put up personal property to secure the bail bond. Also, depending on your credit rating, criminal history, and other factors, you might need a co-signer. Check with the bail bonds company to see what its requirements are.

What Is Your Availability?

Being arrested and going through the bail bond process can be overwhelming. You may have many questions about what to expect, and your queries might not happen during regular working hours. Because of this, it's crucial to work with a bail bonds company with agents who will be there for you when you need them. Find out the agency's hours of operation.

Can You Help Me Understand the Bail Process?

An experienced bail bonds company will know the bail process inside and out. Its agents should be able to give you a clear overview of what you can expect at each step. Additionally, they should be ready and able to answer your questions and address your concerns.

What Areas Do You Serve?

Bail bonds companies do not necessarily serve all of Ohio. You want to be sure that the one you're considering provides services in your area. If you're outside their jurisdiction, they might not be able to help you.

Therefore, it's important to know what county your case is taking place in, as well as the facility you're being held in. This information will allow the agency to determine whether they can assist with bailing you out of jail.

What Types of Cases Do You Provide Services For?

A person can be arrested for a range of crimes. Depending on the severity of the offense, among other factors, the bail amount may vary.

The bail bonds company you're considering might not provide services if the bail amount is over a certain limit, or they might only handle high-dollar cases. Thus, be sure you know what you have been arrested for and the amount bail has been set so you can give this information to the agency.

How Long Will It Take to Process the Paperwork?

Getting out of jail quickly may be one of your top concerns. That means your bail must be posted as soon as possible. You will want to ask the bail bonds company how long it will take to get all your paperwork completed and submitted, as well as the amount of time needed to post the bond at the courthouse.

Each case is different, which means the agency might not be able to give you an exact timeframe. However, they may be able to provide an estimate.

Also, note that the bail bonds company can only let you know how long their process takes. Once they post bail, how long it will be before you are released from custody will depend on the jail's resources. It could take a couple of hours from when your bail is posted until you are let out.

What Are My Responsibilities After Release?

Although you will be free from police custody after you post bail, you must still adhere to specific terms until your case concludes. For instance, you'll need to attend court hearings, stay crime-free, and comply with any other conditions the court orders.

The bail bonds company should be able to give you a brief overview of your obligations after you're released. An agent can also explain what could happen if you miss your court date or violate other terms of release. They can discuss the business side of things, such as how to make payments and what updates you must provide them after they have posted bail for you.

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