Can You Get Sent Back to Jail While Out on Bail?

Can You Get Sent Back to Jail While Out on Bail?

If you have been released on bail, the judge will have set certain conditions you must follow. Failing to adhere to the bail terms or engaging in criminal activity while out on pre-trial release can result in a revocation of bail. Revocation means that you can be sent back to jail and the judge may set a higher bail amount for subsequent release. More likely, you will be required to stay behind bars while you await trial. Not only that, but your bail money may be forfeit, which means the funds will not be returned to you.

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Actions That Could Result in Your Return to Jail

Posting bail allows you to be released from pre-trial custody. However, that release is not without limits. You will have certain conditions you must comply with, such as not contacting the alleged victim or not leaving the state without authorization.

Noncompliance with your bail conditions or committing minor or serious violations could cause you to be sent back to jail even though you are presently out on bail.

Examples of conduct that may result in bail revocation include:

  • Using drugs or alcohol: The judge might have ordered you to refrain from consuming intoxicating substances. During your period of pre-trial release, you may be required to submit to random drug testing. A positive test result violates bail conditions, and you will be returned to police custody.

Also, if you are found to have controlled substances in your system, you may face a drug crime charge in addition to the offense you were initially arrested for.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to refrain from consuming drugs or alcohol while out on bail.

  • Traveling out of state: If you’re charged with a crime, you’re required to appear in court for all hearings. Leaving the state jeopardizes your ability to make scheduled court dates. Thus, the judge might have ordered as a condition of bail that you remain in Ohio while your case is ongoing. Or they might have said that you can leave the state only with prior authorization. You can be re-arrested and sent back to jail for traveling out of Ohio without first getting permission.

It’s important to fully understand what you can and cannot do while out on bail. If the judge placed a travel restriction on you, get proper authorization before going anywhere.

  • Committing a crime: Engaging in criminal activity while out on bail will definitely get you sent back to jail. It may be hard for you to get pre-trial release a second time. The judge might set an extremely high bail or may deny bail altogether.

When on pre-trial release, avoid people or situations that could cause you to participate in unlawful conduct. Also, refrain from consuming intoxicating substances, as they could cloud your judgment and increase the risk of doing something that violates the law.

  • Failing to show up for hearings: As mentioned before, you must attend all required court hearings. Failure to appear is a surefire way to get your bail revoked and get sent back to jail.

Be sure that you know the dates you are supposed to be at court and notify someone if you have a valid and substantial reason for not being able to make it.

Will Bail Money Be Returned If You Go Back to Jail?

It’s unlikely that you’ll get your money back if you do something that causes you to be returned to jail. Generally, bail revocation means that the funds are forfeited. Thus, if you paid for pre-trial release out of pocket, you’re going to be out the money you gave the court.

If you got help from a bail bonds company, you wouldn’t get the 10% premium back. Additionally, you would owe the agency the remaining balance of the bail.

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