Where Does Bail Money Go in Ohio?

Where Does Bail Money Go in Ohio?

Posting bail for a loved one who has been arrested allows them to be released from police custody while their criminal case is pending. You can bail someone out of jail by putting the entire bail amount from your pocket. Or you can retain the services of a bail bonds agency by paying at a non-refundable premium that's 10% of the bail.

Whatever method you choose to help your loved one, you might be wondering what happens to the bail money. It goes toward the bail amount and is held in a special account until your loved one's criminal case is over.

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How Do I Know How Much Bail Will Be?

Typically, a judge sets bail at an arraignment. This proceeding usually happens within a day or so after the individual's arrest. However, bail is listed in a schedule with predetermined amounts in some cases.

The cost to get your loved one out of jail depends on several factors, such as:

  • Nature of alleged offense
  • Criminal history
  • History of not appearing in court
  • Drug or alcohol dependency
  • Mental health issues
  • Ties to the community
  • Work and family obligations

How Do I Post Bail?

Once you know how much your loved one's bail is, you have a couple of options for posting bail. You can pay the entire amount out of pocket, which requires cash, check, credit cards, or money orders (depending on what the agency accepts). In some counties, you can post bail with the court at any time. In others, you can only make a payment during business hours. If you're trying to bail someone out after business hours, you'd have to do so with the detention facility your loved one is being held in.

You can also post bail by having a bail bonds agency take care of everything. After you retain their services, one of their agents will complete the appropriate paperwork and contact the proper agency. Some bail bonds companies, like Andy Callif Bail Bonds, are available 24/7. Therefore, no matter the time your loved one is arrested, you can have someone on your side helping you through the process.

Does the Court Return the Bail Money?

If you paid bail out of pocket, the court would return the money after your loved one's case concludes. When you posted bail, you should have received a receipt with your information on it. You'd present this slip to the court, and they will process the refund. Generally, courts mail bail refund checks, but in some cases, they may allow personal pick up.

The court, however, will not return the bail money if your loved one was not present for all court appearances.

If you hired a bail bonds agency, the court does not return the bail money to you. The bonding company retains the 10% premium, as this is the fee for their services.

Will All Bail Money Be Returned?

Whether the court refunds the entire bail amount depends on the case. You could approve some of the funds you posted to be credited toward any fines or court costs associated with your loved one's case. Also, the court may hold onto any amount for fees as required by law.

What Happens to Bail Money If My Loved One Is Found Guilty?

Provided that your loved one made all court appearances, the bail money you paid by cash will be returned to you regardless of whether they were found guilty or not guilty.

Also, if a bail bonds agency posted bail for your loved one, the case's outcome does not affect how much you owe for their services. Whatever the situation, the 10% premium should be all you pay (plus any other applicable fees or costs), as long as your loved one appeared in court as required.

How Do I Get Help Posting Bail for a Loved One?

Although bail money you paid out of pocket is held in a special account and returned after your loved one's case, paying from your own funds can be difficult. For most people, it's not feasible to pay the high bail amounts upfront. In fact, the findings from a study show that 95% of the jail population increased in the past 20 years or so because of people awaiting trial. Additionally, about 69% of Franklin County's jail population in 2018 was composed of individuals being held pretrial.

As mentioned earlier, you can get help posting bail by reaching out to a bail bonds company. Because they charge only a 10% premium, you can secure your loved one's release for a fraction of the total bail amount.

For bail bonds services in Columbus, OH, or the surrounding areas, call Andy Callif Bail Bonds at (614) 945-4334 or submit an online contact form today.


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