How Does a Bail Bonds Company Work?

How Does a Bail Bonds Company Work?

How Do Bail Bond Companies Work?

In short, a bail bonds company helps someone charged with a crime gets released from jail while they await trial. Of course, that is a much abbreviated version of what the agency does. Many steps are involved in getting to this desired result, and the company takes care of many different aspects at each stage.

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In this blog, we'll discuss the bail bonds company's role in the process.

How Does Bail Work in Ohio?

When someone is arrested, a court will decide whether they are held in jail for the duration of their case or allowed to remain free under certain conditions while their trial is pending. This decision is based on several factors, including whether the individual is a flight risk and whether they pose a danger to society. If a judge decides to release the individual, they will set a bail amount that must be paid in order to be released from police custody. Often, the amount can be very high. Because it comes at an unexpected time, the individual and/or their friends or family member may not be able to immediately afford it.

That is where an Ohio bail bond company comes in.

Starting the Bail Bonds Process in Ohio

If someone needs assistance posting bail, they can call an Ohio bail bonds agency for help. The initial call involves evaluating the case and obtaining important information about the defendant.

The bail bonds agent, the person working for the agency, will ask for various details, including:

  • What the defendant's full name is,
  • What jail the defendant is being held in,
  • What the defendant's booking number is,
  • What offense the defendant was accused of, and
  • Other relevant details concerning the arrest.

These are high-stress times, and the person making the call might not have the information immediately available or might not know where to get it. A knowledgeable and friendly bail bonds agent can assist in obtaining it.

The bail bondsman will draw up the necessary paperwork to get the bail bonds process started. Some of these documents include the agreement between the bail bonds company and the signer. The contract ensures that both parties understand their obligations once the services are secure. The bail bonds agent will ensure that the signing party is clear about their responsibilities and can provide thorough answers to any questions that might arise.

The paperwork will also include documents that need to be included when posting bail with the court.

At this time, the bail bonds agent will also collect the non-refundable service fee from the signer. State laws regulate bail bonds companies, and, in Ohio, they are not allowed to charge more than a 10% premium, which is applied to the total bail amount. This means that if someone comes to them needing help posting a $10,000 bond, they can only assess a $1,000 fee. The agent may also ask the signer to put up collateral, such as a house, car, or jewelry to secure the bond.

Some bail bonds agencies will offer payment plans because even a fraction of the bail amount can be above a person's financial means. The agent will go through their employer's options to seek a solution to fit the signer's budget.

Posting Bond on Behalf of the Defendant

When all the necessary documents are filled out and signed, the bail bondsman will head to the court to post the bond on the defendant's behalf. Essentially, they tell the court that they ensure that the defendant will show up for all required proceedings concerning their case. Also, they state that if the defendant does not show up, the company will pay the entire bail amount.

After the agent posts the bond, the jail will be notified that they can release the defendant. Within a few hours (depending on how busy the facility is), the defendant will be released from custody.

What Happens After the Defendant's Case Concludes

Bail serves to ensure that a defendant will appear in court for their case. If they show up as required, their contract with the bail bonds company will be fulfilled, provided all stipulations are met. Although the 10% premium paid at the start of the process will not be returned, they will not owe the bail bonds company anymore after the case is complete.

Now, if the defendant failed to appear for any of their court hearings, they will owe the bail bonds company the balance of the bail amount. For instance, if they paid $1,000 for a $10,000 bond, they must pay the remaining $9,000. Additionally, if the defendant put up collateral to secure the bond, the bail bonds agency may keep it.

The bail bonds agent will locate and contact the defendant and any co-signers to ensure that their contractual obligations are met.

Guidance Throughout the Bail Bond Process

When someone goes through a bail bonds agency for help posting bail, they have peace of mind during the complex process. They will have an agent on their side familiar with local courts and, in some cases, who is available 24/7 to offer assistance. The agent will ensure that the defendant and co-signers understand their obligations and the importance of making it to every court date.

At Andy Callif Bail Bonds, we are committed to helping people through these difficult times. We are available any time day or night and offer convenient payment plans. Our Ohio bail bonds agency serves clients in the following areas:

If you need experienced and professional bail bonds services in Columbus, reach out to us by calling (614) 945-4334 or submitting an online contact form today.


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