How Long Does It Take to Bail Someone Out of Jail?

How Long Does It Take to Bail Someone Out of Jail?

How Long Does It Take To Bail Someone Out of Jail?

After your loved one has been arrested, getting them out of jail as quickly as possible may be your top concern. Unfortunately, bailing them out is not just a matter of showing up at the police station or court immediately after the police have taken them into custody.

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How long it takes to bail someone out of jail depends on several factors, such as the crime they have been accused of and when they were arrested. It could be a couple of hours or maybe even a day or so before your loved one is released.

Below are some of the things that can affect the duration of the bail process:

  • Booking: After your loved one has been arrested, they will be booked in the local jail. The booking process consists of getting identifying information, fingerprints, and photographs of the arrestee. Depending on the facility's resources, booking can take a few hours to complete.
  • Bail schedule: If your loved one was arrested for a certain misdemeanor or a traffic offense, the bail amount might be pre-set on a bail schedule. In this case, soon after they have been booked, you will know how much needs to be paid to secure their release from jail, and you can reach out to an experienced bail bonds agency for assistance with the process.
  • Arraignment: Pre-set bail is only established for certain crimes. For other offenses, a judge or magistrate must fix the bail amount. The setting of bail is done at an arraignment. When the arraignment is held depends on the court's schedule, it must occur within a certain time after the arrest. Under Ohio Rev. Code § 2937.03, if the defendant wants to have an attorney on their side during the arraignment, the hearing will be postponed until the individual has a chance to consult with counsel. Thus, it may be hours or a couple of days after your loved one's arrest before you know how much their bail is.
  • Hiring a bail bonds agent: Once you know what your loved one's bail is set at, you can retain the services of a bail bonds agency to begin the process of their release. The bail bonds agency will need to know when your loved one was arrested and where they are being held. They will also need to collect information from you to get started on the paperwork. Getting all the required documents completed may take 20 minutes to a few hours -- it all depends on what details you have readily available and what you may still need to research.
  • Paying the court: To bail your loved one out of jail on a bail bond, the agent will need to provide the court with a surety bond. When payments are accepted depends on the court. For example, the Criminal/Traffic Department of the Franklin County Municipal Court accepts payments 24 hours a day.
  • Release from custody: After the bail bond is posted, your loved one can be released from jail. However, the release does not typically happen immediately after the payment is made. It depends on the facility. This part of the process may take a few hours, but you can always call the facility to get a timeframe for your loved one's release.
  • Unexpected variables: Generally, the factors listed above are the main ones you must consider concerning the length of time it takes to bail someone out of jail. Still, unexpected variables may arise that could affect booking, setting bail, or facilitating release.

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Our bail bonds agents recognize the importance of getting your loved one out of jail promptly. That is why we will work quickly to determine a course of action and post bond on your loved one's behalf. Throughout the process, we will maintain open communication with you, keeping you current on the progress and informing you of any setbacks that may delay the release of your loved one.

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