What Happens After Bail Is Set?

What Happens After Bail Is Set?

Following your arrest, one of the first court processes you will go through is an arraignment. During this hearing, several matters concerning your case will be discussed, including bail.

Unless you have been arrested for a specific offense and the bail amount is listed on a bail schedule, a judge will determine how much to set bail for. They will consider various factors, including the risk of your fleeing before your case resolves when setting bail.

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Your Obligations After Bailing Out of Jail

After bail is set, a couple of things will happen before you can pay to get released from police custody. First, you will be given conditions of bail. These include things you can and cannot do while you are out on bail. They may consist of terms that can apply to all cases or those specific to your situation. For instance, a common condition of bail is prohibiting the defendant from committing any further crimes. In matters involving violence against another person, the defendant may be prohibited from contacting the victim in any way – even by asking another person to communicate with the individual for them.

After bail is set, you will also be given a date for your next court appearance. Depending on the court's docket, your hearing may be set for a few weeks or a couple of months later.

It is crucial that you take note of this date and commit to showing up for this hearing. Failing to do so could have serious consequences, which we will discuss shortly.

Posting Bail

Once you know how much your bail is, you can arrange to pay the courthouse and begin the process of securing your release from jail.

You have a couple of different options for posting bail. You, or your loved ones, can pay the amount out of pocket. This means that you would pay the full amount from your own funds.

However, if the bail amount is out of your financial reach, you can retain the services of a bail bond company. For a small, non-refundable premium, a bail agent will provide a surety to the court that the agency will pay the full bail amount if you do not show up for your required appearances. The process for obtaining a bail bond takes about 20 minutes.

Release from Custody

After you, your loved ones, or a bail bonds agency has posted bail for you, the jail will begin the release process. Depending on the jail's resources, this step can take anywhere from around 30 minutes to a few hours.

Following Conditions of Bail

Being released on bail does not mean you have unrestricted freedom. Remember, you must abide by court-ordered conditions, including appearing for all hearings, while your case is pending or going through the trial process.

Violating any of the terms of bail can result in sanctions that include, but are not limited to:

  • Revocation of bail
  • Warrant issued for arrest
  • Re-arrest and return to jail
  • Forfeiture of bail
    • If paid by cash, your money is not returned
    • If paid by a bail agent, you will be responsible for paying the remaining bail amount

Responsibilities of a Cosigner

If a friend or family member obtained a bail bond on your behalf, they are considered a cosigner. They must ensure that you show up for all court dates. Because their name is attached to the bond, if you fail to appear and the bail bond agency is unable to find you and recover the remaining bail amount from you, they will contact the cosigner for repayment.

The bail process can be complex, especially when you and the cosigner have various obligations after bail is set and paid.

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