5 Things to Know About Bail and Bail Bonds

5 Things to Know About Bail and Bail Bonds

Getting your loved one out of jail after they have been arrested for a felony or misdemeanor can be overwhelming and confusing. You'll likely have many questions like "What information do I need to secure release from jail?", "Should I pay bail out of pocket or get a bail bond?", "What is a bail bond, and how much will it cost?"

At Andy Callif Bail Bonds, we are committed to helping individuals in Columbus and the surrounding areas through the process of seeking release from police custody after an arrest. We know these are complex and serious matters, and we have written this blog to help you understand what to expect and what your options are to get your loved one out of jail.

Below are 5 things you should know about the bail and bail bonds process:

  1. You need your loved one's custody information: When your loved one calls, be sure to ask them what jail they are in and get their booking number. You will need this information to ensure that you contact the correct jail or court to post bail for your loved one. If you didn't get the information, when you reach out to a bail bond agency for assistance, an agent can help retrieve it.
  2. You need to know how much bail is: Your loved one will be told how much they must pay to secure release from jail. Ensure that you get this information so you know what you must pay out of pocket. If you are going through a bail bonds agency, the agent will need the bail amount to let you know the fee for getting started on the paperwork and posting bond for your loved one.
  3. A bail bond is secured with a premium: If you are considering paying your loved one's bail from your own pocket, you will need to have the full amount on hand. However, if you choose to get assistance from a bail bonds agency, you will only need to pay a small percentage of the entire bail amount. The portion you are required to pay for a bail bond is referred to as a premium.
  4. Bond premiums are state-regulated: The amount a bail bonds agency charges for its services is regulated by the government. In Ohio, the premium can be no more than 10% of the bail amount.
  5. Bail paid out of pocket is returned after the completion of the case: Bail is used to ensure that a defendant shows up for all scheduled court appearances concerning their case. If you paid bail from your own pocket, that money will be returned to you after the case is over. However, note that the bail amount can be thousands of dollars, and cases can last for months. This means that you will be short that money for quite a while. If you go through a bail bonds company, although the premium will not be returned, you will only have put out a fraction of what you would have had you posted bail on your own.

Andy Callif Bail Bonds is here to assist with getting your loved one back home as soon as possible. We've covered a few topics about the bail bonds process in this blog, but we understand that each case is unique, and you may have many more questions about your obligations and what you can expect.

Our experienced and professional agents are available 24/7 to speak with you and provide the guidance you need every step of the way. Contact us at (614) 945-4334 today.


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