Why Posting Bail Can Be a Winning Strategy for Your Case

Why Posting Bail Can Be a Winning Strategy for Your Case

If you are facing a serious criminal charge, it may be better to post bail and fight your case out of jail. A bail bond is a small percentage of the total bail amount that you pay to a bail bond company. For example, a bail bond may cost $3,500 if your bail amount is $35,000. However, if you decide to post bail, you must agree to show up for all court appearances to remain out on bail. There are several important reasons why posting bail is an important part of a winning strategy.

More Privacy

For many people, it is impossible to put a price on the value of privacy. In addition to having a private place to shower and live your life away from jail, you also have more privacy to discuss matters with your attorney. You can meet in your attorney's office instead of in a meeting room at a correctional facility. Many people feel less pressured or stressed when they meet an attorney at an office instead of a jail facility.

More Peace of Mind

Jail is a noisy place that can also be potentially dangerous with violent criminals, and it is hard for most people to sleep. Being uncomfortable, stressed, and potentially having poor nutrition in jail can also negatively affect your mental health and your physical health. If you can fight your case from home with the help of a good attorney, you can rest in your own bed, eat well, and be healthier to maintain your usual duties.

Keep Your Commitments

You may have a rent or mortgage payment every month, a job, children, or other important commitments. Although some employers may terminate an employee after the individual is convicted of a certain type of crime, many employers will not terminate a worker based on a charge without a conviction.[2] Also, as you maintain your life commitments out of jail, your demonstrated desire to continue working and being a productive member of society looks good for your case.

Look Professional in Court

When people fight cases from jail, they are often brought to the courtroom in uniforms. Judges appreciate when defendants who are out on bail dress nicely for court. If you have a job and important commitments, dressing nicely for court also sends a message that you care about the case, its outcome, and your future. Studies have shown that judges and juries may sometimes look less favorably upon people dressed in prison or jail uniforms than those who dress professionally. In building a strong case strategy, it is also important to positively influence the perceptions of people who must make decisions about your future.

Maintain Your Reputation

Imagine that you spend time in jail awaiting trial, and the judge delivers a "not guilty" verdict. While that would be good news, there would still be a gap of time that you spent in jail. If that absence made you lose your job, that could negatively affect your reputation when you look for new work. It may also negatively affect your reputation in your community or among your friends. When you can fight your case out of jail, you can go about your normal routine and deal with your case more discreetly if it is not on the news. If you win your case, your life can continue as normal with a better chance of maintaining your reputation.

Build a Stronger Case

In addition to the privacy benefit mentioned earlier, your meetings with your attorney can be more frequent. Perhaps you may think of a question or an important detail that pertains to your case, and you may want to call your attorney before you forget. When you are not in jail, you can easily do this. In jail, you may have to wait to use the phone until you forget what you wanted to say. Also, you can meet with your attorney more often to review strategies, and you have more time for each meeting if you need it. The attorney or the support staff can also contact you quickly if they have any questions or updates. Because of these communication benefits, it is much easier to develop a complete and stronger defense strategy out of jail.

Overall, the key idea to remember is that being out on bail is a chance to demonstrate responsibility. Since you have to pay for your freedom during this time, the judge can see that you are concerned about the outcome when you are there on time for every court appearance. Your attorney's job is to build a defense that either shows your innocence or has the lightest impact on your future. With the help of a good defense attorney and a bail bond company, you have two powerful allies to help you work toward the most favorable outcome. If you need a bail bond or have questions about one, please contact Andy Callif Bail Bonds.


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