What to Do If Your Loved One Has Been Arrested

What to Do If Your Loved One Has Been Arrested

You never expect to get a call that your loved one has been arrested and is in jail. But, unfortunately, it may happen. If it does, both you and your loved one can feel confused, overwhelmed, and frightened, making it difficult to process the situation and determine the next steps. However, to get your loved one released as soon as possible, it's important to know what to do and where to go. In this blog, we'll discuss the arrest process and how you can help your loved one if they're being held in jail.

Understanding the Booking Process

Before your loved one calls you, they will have gone through the booking process. This is where law enforcement officials enter your loved one's information into their system.

During the process, an officer will take:

  • Your loved one's name and address
  • Their fingerprints
  • Their mug shot
  • Their personal property

After your loved one is booked, they will be allowed to make a phone call, and that call may be to you.

Getting the Necessary Information

If you receive a call that your loved one is in jail, it's crucial to get specific information that will allow you to help them get released. You'll want to know where they are and what they've been charged with. Also, ask them when the arrest took place.

At this point in the process, it's important not to discuss the specifics of the situation. Your conversation may be monitored, and asking your loved one for their side of the story during the initial call can lead to them providing statements that can be used against them in court. Ensure that you are asking only for basic information. If your loved one starts offering information or defending their innocence, remind them that they have the right to remain silent and should discuss the case only after consulting an attorney.

Posting Bail

To get your loved one released from jail, you must post bail. Bail is money you (or a bail bonds company) pay that ensures your loved one will show up for scheduled court hearings.

In some cases, the amount is preset and listed on a schedule. If this applies to your loved one's situation, you can post bail right away.

However, in certain circumstances, a judge will determine bail at an arraignment. Thus, you may have to wait a day or so before you can work toward getting your loved one released from jail.

Whether bail is predetermined or set by a judge, the amount can be outside of your financial means. If this is the case, contact a bail bonds company for help posting bail for your loved one.

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