How an Ohio Bail Bonds Team Can Help Following a Misdemeanor Arrest

How an Ohio Bail Bonds Team Can Help Following a Misdemeanor Arrest

The most common of all criminal charges are misdemeanors. They are basic criminal legal matters that still result in arrest due to certain factors. This is not to say that some charges are not serious. Many times they are very serious, but just not classified as felonies. Most criminal prosecutions actually are misdemeanor offenses, and punishments are generally ordered based on court policy regarding the seriousness of the crime and material case evidence used in the prosecution.

How Misdemeanor Bonds are Set

Jail release bonds are assessed based on material case evidence and extenuating circumstances, but most defendants arrested on a misdemeanor charge are eligible for a reasonable bail amount even when the charge is for a Class A misdemeanor crime. The fact that no evidence indicates a felony issue is important when the court considers the amount of bond, and it is much easier to defend any criminal charge when a release can be arranged quickly. Contacting an established bail bondsman is a good first step after any misdemeanor arrest because a release could be arranged in short order.

General Misdemeanor Types

There is a wide range of charges that are classed as misdemeanors, and any charge conviction can result in a one-year maximum sentence in a local jurisdictional jail. This includes many alcohol-related cases as well as minor incidents of violence. Most courts have established bond amounts for standard misdemeanor cases, but extenuating circumstances can result in higher bond amounts.

Typical misdemeanor charges include:

  • DUI

  • Public intoxication

  • Domestic violence

  • Criminal Trespass

  • Theft

  • Assault

  • Terroristic threatening

How a Bail Bondsman Can Help

While misdemeanor crimes do not appear as serious as a felony, this does not mean that jail release bonds are not still beyond the ability of the accused to pay in full. The right bail bondsman can evaluate the case and accept a defendant immediately in most cases based on a percentage of the designated bond amount. This can mean no waiting in jail for extended periods and allow time to prepare for going to court. In addition, it also allows time to consult with legal counsel and determine a defense strategy.

Anyone arrested in Columbus should contact Andy Calliff Bail Bonds as soon as possible after an arrest. Time is important in any criminal case, and it starts with a timely release from jail.

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