Federal Bail Bonds vs. State Bail Bonds

Federal Bail Bonds vs. State Bail Bonds

There is a difference between state and federal bail bonds. These types of bonds are for those who have been arrested for federal crimes, which often involve multiple states, federal property, federal land, or federal authorities (e.g. FBI, DEA, ATF, etc.).

Here are several things you must remember when posting bail in federal jail:

  • A federal judge sets the bail amount - While state judges set bail for state crimes, federal judges do the same with federal crimes. A federal judge will consider several factors such as the defendant’s criminal record, the severity of the crime(s), and the potential of fleeing the country.

  • Defendants can obtain bail from a bondsman - If a defendant cannot pay the entire bail amount of their own pocket, they can obtain bail from a bondsman. However, not all bondsman handle federal crimes, which is why it is important to conduct extensive research to determine the best bail bond company for the situation.

  • Federal bail bonds are more costly - Due to the seriousness and complexities of a federal offense, federal bail bonds will cost a higher amount compared to bail bonds for state charges.

  • Another court hearing will be scheduled - A federal judge will make a defendant appear in court to ensure that the money or property used as collateral for bail wasn’t obtained from criminal activity.

If you are facing federal charges, you need to look for a bondsman who has experience with the federal criminal justice system. The bail bond company must help you prove the money or property used is legal.

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