Ensuring That Your Loved One Appears in Court

Ensuring That Your Loved One Appears in Court

Helping your loved one after their arrest might mean being a co-signer for a bail bond. As a co-signer, you take on certain responsibilities, such as paying the premium or providing accurate information when applying for the bail bond. Your loved one also has various obligations, some of which the bail bond company sets, such as having regular check-ins, and some the court sets, such as showing up for required hearings. If your loved one fails to appear in court, as the co-signer, you might be on the hook for the remaining bail amount. Thus, you must ensure that your loved one adheres to the conditions to avoid forfeiture.

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Helping Your Loved One Through a Difficult Time

The court might set bail for your loved one following their arrest. By posting bail, your loved one can be released from police custody while their trial is pending. Unfortunately, bail amounts are high and often out of the financial reach of those arrested. Fortunately, bail bond companies exist to help these individuals obtain pre-trial release.

If your loved one does not qualify for a bail bond on their own, they could have someone co-sign for them. A co-signer can be any responsible adult with a stable residence, income, and acceptable credit score.

As a co-signer, you help your loved one get the bail bond and may be asked to put up the 10% premium for the company’s services. But beyond the financial aspects of co-signing for a bail bond, there are also the personal. You would be helping your loved one when facing one of the most challenging times in their life. Additionally, you are ensuring that they do not have to sit in jail for months or years while they await trial.

Pre-trial release has several benefits, including allowing your loved one to:

  • Keep their job,
  • Take care of their family, and
  • Prepare their defense.

What It Means to Be a Bail Bond Co-Signer

When you agree to be a co-signer for your loved one’s bail bond, you must sign an agreement with the bail bond company. The agreement lists your responsibilities as a co-signer.

One of these obligations is paying the full bail if your loved one fails to attend court. Bail is a means of incentivizing those accused of crimes to make all court appearances. As long as they appear for their required hearings, the amount they paid to the court is returned (unless they went through a bail bond company).

A failure to appear in court results in the bail amount being forfeited, meaning it’s not given back to the person who paid it. If the individual went through a bail bond company to secure release from jail, when bail is forfeited, they owe the agency the remaining 90% of the bail amount.

Helping Your Loved One Make Court Appearances

To avoid bail being forfeited and having to pay the full amount owed, you can take a few steps to encourage your loved one to show up for required hearings.

Below are a few suggestions:

  • Giving the bail bond company complete information: When initially applying for the bail bond, make sure to provide the agent with relevant details about yourself and your loved one. This includes residence, family and friend contact, and employment information. If your loved one misses a court date, the agent can reach out to facilitate compliance.
  • Understanding responsibilities: After your loved one has been bailed out, discuss the obligations of yourself and them. The conversation helps ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • Tracking court dates: Stay informed of your loved one’s scheduled court appearances. Reach out to them a day or two before to remind them of their hearings.
  • Creating a positive atmosphere: Show your loved one that they have a support system during this difficult time.
  • Keeping them away from bad influences: If your loved one associates with people who might engage in misconduct, remind them of their conditions of bail and the requirement to stay out of trouble.
  • Maintaining regular contact: As part of the agreement with the bail bond agency, your loved one might have to make regular check-ins with an agent. Remind them of this responsibility. It might also be a good idea for you to continually reach out to your loved one while their case is pending.

Work With an Experienced Bail Bond Company

Making sure that your loved one shows up for court is an important part of pre-trial release. Not only does it help avoid bail forfeiture, but it also allows your loved one to receive a fair trial for the alleged offense. Our team in Columbus can discuss your responsibilities as a bail bond co-signer and provide the guidance you need to get your loved one out of jail while their case is pending.

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