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Bail Bondsman in Columbus, OH

Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes can lead to trouble with the law. Being arrested and put in jail can be a scary and stressful process. Depending on the crime, most people who end up there have an opportunity to post bail.

Andy Callif Bail Bonds has served the Columbus area for over two decades, and we are dedicated to giving our clients the opportunity to make the best of their situation.

The Benefits of Using a Bail Bondsman

When someone is arrested, it’s important that they recognize the advantages of using a bail bondsman, which include:

  • Saving money
  • Thorough understanding of both state and federal system
  • Confidential

A person who uses bail bonds to get out of jail can have the opportunity to await their trial from home. Typically, they can continue with daily activities as long as they check in and attend all of their court-ordered appearance dates.

Andy Califf Bail Bonds Experience

Experience and reputation are key components to our successful business. Andy Califf and his team of seasoned agents have exceeded client expectations for years in the bail bonds industry. We specialize in different types of bonds, such as felony, drug, DUI, immigration, and warrants.

Posting bail can be a challenge–especially if you are low on cash. Give Andy Califf Bail Bonds a call. We will assess your situation and get to work right away to bail you or your loved one out of jail.


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Andy Callif


Andy Callif is the owner of Andy Callif Bail Bonds and is a third-generation bondsman. Andy has been active in the bail bonding business for 22 years and gained recognition as an expert in the industry. Andy’s experience and thorough oversight is a solid guarantee your bond will be handled professionally. Andy’s friendly and knowledgeable demeanor has created long-lasting relationships.

Picture Of Harvey Handler, A Columbus, OH Bail Bondsman - Andy Callif Bail Bonds

Harvey Handler


Harvey Handler has been in the business for over 42 years. He has written more bail than anyone else in Ohio. His father was one of the founders for bail in Columbus. Harvey has posted bonds covering all types of situations.

Dennie Little, Columbus, OH Affordable Bail Bonds Provider Photo - Andy Callif Bail Bonds

Dennie Little


Dennie Little brings years of bail bonds experience to assist his customers.

Columbus, OH Bail Bonds Expert John Shields Photo - Andy Callif Bail Bonds

John Shields


John Shields has been with Andy Callif Bail Bonds for more than a year. Prior to becoming a bail agent, he was a clerk in the Franklin County Courthouse for 21 years. He knows everything about the courthouse.  If you need information on bail or have a question about your court date, give him a call.

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Bryan Barnes


Bryan Barnes is an extension of Andy Callif Bail Bonds. Based in Dayton, Ohio, he has a network of agents throughout the state.

We Are Ready to Post Bail Any Time of the Day or Night, Anywhere in Columbus, OH, or Nationwide

Whether you need a bond or help with your court dates, Andy Callif Bail Bonds is always available – we’re 24/7. Andy Callif Bail Bonds knows what it takes to bridge each customers’ specific need with all the requirements mandated by each jail and every court system in the state of Ohio. We care about you.

Please contact us if you need an expert bail bondsman! We are confident you will be 100% satisfied with the care and concern given to each individual.


Commitment to Our Customers

  • Maintain the privacy of our clients and those assisting them
  • Strive for the quickest possible release
  • Provide flexible payment plans
  • Updates on court hearings
  • Treat you the way we would like to be treated
  • Never forget customers are our only business

Our Business Ethics

  • Never mislead our customers
  • Engage in honest business practices
  •  Uphold our fiduciary responsibilities to our customers
  • Respect the values of each individual
  • Maintain integrity as the foremost value in all our transactions

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